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NEOintern, NOCHE's signature internship program, connects students and employers in the region through its free online database. NOCHE provides specialized workshops for employers to establish or enhance internship programs.
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Education Matters in Northeast Ohio - 05/21/2014

NOCHE President Rob Briggs shares his thoughts about personalized learning through his new blog. Read more

Robert Briggs named president of NOCHE - 04/16/14

Organization seeks to raise significantly the region's educational attainment; technology, collaboration will be key tools for advancing education and economy Read more

Ashland Student Named NEO's Best Intern - 03/28/2014

The Northeast Ohio Council on Higher Education (NOCHE) and Cleveland Business Connects Magazine announce the winners of The Expys, an event to recognize the best interns, intern supervisors, and internship programs in Northeast Ohio. Read more

Internship/Co-op Grants Announced - 03/11/2014

Nearly 2,500 students at Ohio community colleges, universities, and technical centers will benefit from new or expanded co-op and internship programs thanks to a state investment of close to $11 million over the next two years. Read more

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Education Matters in Northeast Ohio

Naming Names: What Do the Terms Mean?

Another week has flown by with many meetings with the various constituencies of the ?new NOCHE.?  People are genuinely excited about our goal of improving educational attainment significantly from pre-K though college.  When they fully understand what?s different today compared to prior decades, they understand the enormous opportunity we have in Northeast Ohio.  And that […] click to read more

Time to Fly

A special journey to improve education in the region The region?s educational system is at a tipping point and with concentrated effort that NOCHE is poised to lead, we can become one of the most educated regions in the country. It?s a simple cause and effect: More people with advanced degrees translate to economic health […] click to read more

Learning More Every Day

Every day brings more learning possibilities;  more people to learn from and engage Every day I learn a lot more about the disruptive new technology under the personalized learning umbrella and every day I learn that there is an enormous amount more to learn. But I am not daunted by that because when I explain […] click to read more

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